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The 5 must know reasons to become a dental assistant

Bridging the Gap between Education and Employment

Who Are We?

I am A.J. Peak and my dad is the great Dr. Peak and together, we are the co-founders of the Colorado Dental Assisting School. My years of management experience, combined with my father’s clinical wisdom and some good old fashioned entrepreneurial ingenuity led to this brain child. What started out as an idea conjured up in Dad’s dentist chair after a little laughing gas and some serious staffing dilemmas has resulted in one of the greatest things since fluoride – the Colorado Dental Assisting School.

How We Created Our School -

Dad and I established a network of professionals, Peak Dental Services, Inc., years before, but we couldn’t find top notch assistants with any hands-on experience. If they weren’t working two jobs to pay back hefty student loans, they were lacking any real-world dental skills. We soon realized what the problem was…

Too much school and not enough drool!

Months of schooling with little practical training made for exhausted and inexperienced candidates. What we needed were fully knowledgeable, highly ambitious assistants with practical education . And nobody was offering that, yet! So we looked to our pool of nearly 110 specialists, general dentists, orthodontists and dental professionals within our Peak Dental Services Network and found what we needed. Our vision was clearer than a panoramic X-Ray: Maximize the assistant’s educational experience and minimize the time!

Who Helps Us Keep it Going?

With some nudging and bribery, we convinced one of our dental experts to take on the role of Lead Dental Instructor of the Colorado Dental Assisting School.

Nicole – A Crowning Achievement of The Colorado Dental Assisting School Nicole has helped streamline our curriculum and has created a relaxed environment that students love! In just 10 short weeks, her team members provide a thorough and comprehensive dental education that includes classroom, hands-on and clinical practice. Dental Assistants leave the Colorado Dental Assisting Schoolwith education, experience and employability!

How Does it Work?

Best of all, our condensed course comes with a condensed tuition! Because we have rinsed away the fluff without compromising quality, we are able to offer you our entire 10 week course – including all supplies, textbooks and your very own set of dental scrubs for just $3,295 to $3,995! That’s less than the cost of veneers!

So what are you waiting for?

Today’s careers are changing faster than ever. In order to stay ahead of the curve, employees must take advantage of every opportunity. Dental Assisting is not only a stable, lucrative career, but also a fast growing career that offers great hours, great benefits and a great working environment.

At Colorado Dental Assisting School, we work hard, play hard and are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others by improving their smiles. Isn’t it time you did something for yours?

How to Get Started -

Transform your smile by transforming your career and your life forever! Take the first step and Contact Us Today!

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